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Defensive Driving

At Mancino’s Driving School we teach the Smith’s Defensive Driving system, which is a time proven defensive driving method of driving.  The Smith Defensive Driving system will help you become a safe driver. Click here for a pdf with information on of the
Smith Defensive Driving System.

For a complete list of all topics covered in our "Behind the Wheel" training which includes Parking, Signaling, Starting, Stopping, Three Point Turns, and many others click on the graphic below.

Good defensive drivers will have knowledge of the traffic laws and the basics about their vehicles, such as how the brake system operates and how to read gauges and lights on the dash.

Good defensive drivers are alert to what is going on around them. They are well rested and would never take any drugs or alcohol that could affect their concentration before driving an automobile.

Defensive drivers anticipate what may or may not happen, and they take action to avoid many problems. They anticipate potential hazards from other motorists, pedestrians, weather and equipment and take steps to minimize the risk.

Good defensive drivers do not make risky maneuvers like trying to beat red lights.
They don’t try to pass unless it’s safe and they look for alternatives to any traffic

Good defensive drivers have the technical skills to operate the vehicle safely through traffic without endangering anyone else on the road. They can handle the vehicle even in hazardous conditions.

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